Report about measuring electromagnetic radiation in my office - 27.02.2015 and 19.05.2015

German version with more details

During the measurements in my office at 27.02.1015 I had for a short period of time a very strong impairment of health, which was close to a fainting. Approximately 1-3 seconds afterwards there was a very short-term increase on the screen of all peaks approximately between 500 – 1250 MHz, maybe also in higher areas. Calculations based on the present data showed that estimated 19 Million single frequencies were affected at that point. This short-term increase was not visible in the recorded data. Nevertheless it would have been far under limit value; furthermore a short-term violation of the critical value, which lasts not longer than 6 seconds is permitted in Germany.

Using this measuring equipment there is just one chance to document a strong short-term manipulation of health: The measurement must be video recorded. As soon as a health manipulation occurs, it must be told, because by that you can forecast an increase of measured values on the screen.

This principle of measured values increase is shown here: (grafic coming soon)


Summary of measurabel results of both days

Due to short-term large concentration disturbances I asked the specialist of safety at work for a measurement of electromagnetic radiation in my office. This was done by staff of Faculty of Electrical Engineerung on 27.02.2015 and with a modified technical equipment also on 19.05.2015.

All measurements showed values far below limit values, although lots of concentration disturbances occurred.



The measurements were performed corresponding to the German „Messvorschrift für bundesweite EMVU-Messreihen der vorhandenen Umgebungsfeldstärken“, published by Regulierungsbehörde für Telekommunikation und Post, in february 2003. This prescription is designed for measuring frequency ranges between 9 kHz – 3 GHz.


More translation and pictures coming soon.