Adventure Covert Harassment Conference, 20th November 2014, Brussel

My conclusions:

The first objective must be turning off these technologies to be able to take further decisions. The world’s situation must be explained urgently to be able to take the correct actions.

To solve our problem as many victims as possible must put their testimonial public accessible on an own free website in the internet (and on Facebook / google+) with name, country and region where they live. All TIs must show that we are allowed to speak about these weapons and to fight against their use.

Public is our protection!

Perhaps there is a way to use the EU-resolution of 1999 which asked for a ban of “manipulation of human beings”.

My proposal for a TI questionnaire


Conference summary

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Arriving 20 minutes late at the Covert Harassment Conference in Brussels I saw lots of name badges still laying at the welcome desk. Looking forward the first speeker I heard he was ill and his lecture had been shifted to the afternoon. When I sat down on a seat near a camera to get news in the moment they arrive, the camera was immediately carried several meters away. No chair was available there.

The conference started very late. They made me very very skeptical, with strong attention deficits and very tired. During the conference I discovered within more than 100 participants most of them registered as TI, just one person which was definitely a TI. But why should a TI-conference take place with just two TIs? 


Mrs. Dr. Kilde was the first speaker. Most of her lecture I had already read on an older internet page. Besides that she explained that in Island 41 % of the population have contact with the dead.

Then Peter Mooring was talking. He confirmed my supposition that the offenders don’t want to leave evidence. His advices for a life as TI would have made it impossible for me to get protected. I still would feel bad and I wouldn’t have been able to come to the conference – at least not for fighting.


In the following lecture of Mr. Mojmir Babacek „The Ways to Defeat the Secrecy surrounding the existence of mind control technology“ I learned surprisingly interesting details about the history which can be used for the further procedure:

* Russia proposed already in 1986 a ban of radio wave weapons at the U.N. Committee on Disarmament.

* In 1998 Russia proposed a ban of informational weapons at the United Nations, OSCE and the European Council.

* In 1999 the European parliament passed the resolution which asked for a ban of “manipulation of human beings”. This international ban was not signed due to the resistance of the U.S.. HAARP (a system to manipulate nervous systems of whole populations) should have further developments.

* There is a study of the year 2000 of the European Parliament containing 127 pages of "Crowd Control Technologies", which reports officially about this weapon systems.

* In 2001 Dennis J. Kucinich tried again in the U.S. Congress to reach a ban of mind control technologies. You can find details in Space Preservation Act Bill. This attempt failed.

The lecture included also proposals for a scientific proof by measurements.


The second lecture I had been looking forward to was the speech of the second important whistleblower William Binney „Relationship Analysis“. Unfortunately I got very disappointed. He just refered to data collection with known technologies like mobiles and internet spyware. You can see it on YouTube.

Unfortunately the last and only important sentence if this lecture record is not available. The last answer of the question “How is this linked to mind control” was “It could be the same concept” – maybe one of the other participants also remembers that. 

Addition at 2014-12-23: I got a little hint from the good voices in my brain: All gangstalking for TIs done via phone or internet has been stored by the NSA - Hurrah - Many, many thanks!!!


There were several victims from different countries reporting their testimonials. As I had noticed in several discussions and emails before nobody knew exactly how these technologies work.

Nobody of the organisation team helped the victims to understand the technologies. I had great pity with the excited victims.

The voices had asked me before the talk about Scientology to show that you are allowed to do that without feeling bad. Because I didn’t have any evidence for the involvement of Scientology I disliked to make any assignment of guilt. I said I will just do it if there is a reasonable situation. During a break a german offender talked badly about the german police and the german Bundeswehr. I said, I made a report at the police and had been treated very good. This person said:
“The police never managed to make a prosecution of such a report.”
“But in my case I got a file number very fast.”
“They don’t know with whom they picked the fight.”
“With Scientologists.”
Then I got asked very pleased “Do you belong to Scientology?”
“I know some very nice people there.”


The fifth lecturer was Dr. Henning Witte „Scalar Waves used in Mind Control“. You can watch his appearance at in the internet including an interview. I don’t know anything about scalar waves. The technologies used for mind control already exist since more than 60 years.

His request to try homoeopathic gold as protection against mind control is in my opinion complete nonsense, if you want to have real protection. Homoeopathie gets destroyed by electromagnetic waves. Therefore homoeopathie cannot be stored near electrical equipment and must be done in an aluminium cover. Mind control penetrates aluminium.


At the third biblical quotation I had to leave the lecture „My story“ of Mr. John Allman. Otherwise I would have got a rage attack due to my sister who is a TI for a long time and just relied on esoterics. She cannot work since several years having fear and strong attention deficits.

Then there were again several victim testimonials and a rage attack about the german police. My view was turned towards a man showing his comment on the character of this person with an unmistakable everyday gesture. After that I asked loudly „Why police? Let’s talk about Scientology.“ The answer was „Shut up, babbling idiot.“ Afterwards a statement was given in german language that the poor nice scientologists in Germany are under supervision of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution in an unjustified way. At the end Henning Witte told it wouldn’t have been a wrong question, because the scientologists are a department of the CIA using mind control. In my opinion scientology is a church. One of their main strategy is desinformation which means a mixture of right and wrong information is given. Also to their own supporters. With it wise decisions will be made impossible.

John Allman told me during the break he had seen that I left his lecture. He asked me how I would feel now, better or worse than before the conference. I didn’t understand really what he meant by this and answered “I feel shocked because there is so less information given. The organization team must know how you can get real protection.” After that I was asked if I would attend the TI meeting later that evening. I said yes.


The official information was given that the lecture of Mr. Magnus Olsson "Global mind control and artificial intelligence" was cancelled due to illness.


The last lecture was a video presentation of Alfred Lambremont Webre "Deconstructing the Transhumanist Agenda through Law: Citizen Tribunals, Regulation, Enforcement".

* In 1976 russian-american scalar-weapon-experiments took place in Oregon USA, 4th of July

Although we got fortunately a written handout of this lecture I cannot understand until now what the Transhumanist Agenda is and how the following procedure will be successful:

1st Establishing a citizen tribunal / war crime tribunal to explain these weapons crimes – Europe is officially not at war. How can a war crime tribunal be justified? Being at war must be admitted officially. The Geneva Conventions have rules for civilians at war (Geneva Convention IV), therefore all TIs would be protected immediately.

2nd Setting up an EC regulation which bans these weapons. In the written proposal of 31th January 2014 Article 7 is called “Penalties and compensation for victims” which shows in combination with other curious phrases that this proposal must be revised urgently.

Thought-provoking is Alfred Lambremont’s internet address:


Although there were famous speakers there were no official results.


If you are TI, please send the link to your story to that I can post you on Opfer/Victims/жертва. Please post as many links of other victim stories on your website as possible.

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